Our Equipment

In the moving industry, your crew is only as good as the equipment they bring.

At Atlantic Moving & Storage, we always have a variety of equipment stocked so we can stay prepared for any of our customers needs.

Here are a few descriptions of our most requested equipment!


If you were to ask any moving business, "What is the most used piece of equipment?", their answer will be the 4-Wheel Dolly which is followed closely by the Commercial Bin.

Dollies have been known to minimize hours spent on jobs, increase efficiency in our movers and make moving your belongings safer and easier. 

At Atlantic Moving & Storage we have an abundance of dollies at our disposal because no matter the job, we are always using them!

Commercial Bins

Commercial Bins are essential for moving dozens of items in your home or office. You can place just about anything you can carry in a commercial bin which is why they are a must have in the moving industry!

Along with Dollies, we are constantly supplying and using Commercial Bins on jobs. That is why we make sure to have over 400+ Commercial Bins stocked in our warehouse at all times.

Panel Carts

Panel Carts can be used to move Artwork, Glass Surfaces, TV's, Paneling, Table Tops, Desks and much more!

At our warehouse, we have an entire rack dedicated to storing our Panel Carts! 

Wish to take a tour of our warehouse? 

Call our office, or send us an email, and we can have you scheduled for a visit by the end of the day! 

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